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Best Time To Visit Guruvayur

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Best Time To Visit Guruvayur

Best Time To Visit Guruvayur - Best Time To Explore The Place And For The Sightseeing Introduction: Guruvayur is one of the known places situated in Kerala. This city also gets known as the home of forth biggest temple of India that is Shree Krishna Temple of Guruvayur. The name of the city “Guruvayur” comes from three different words such as Guru that means brihaspathi, Vayu means God of the wind and third word means Land colorblog. It is common believe that Guru got a floating sculpture of Lord Krishna at the period of Kaliyuga and he later installed that picture by taking help from Vayu at that place. The travel guide of Guruvayur is not complete without mentioning the rich spiritual and cultural legacy of this place. Other than the grandiose and beautiful idol of the Lord Shree Krishna, the Krishna Temple of Guruyavur also has idols of other Gods also that include the idol of Shree Ayyappa, Edathedathy Kavil Bhagavathy and Lord Shiva. The other most prominent attraction of Guruvayur Krishna Temple is Krishnattam Kali, which is a popular folk dance from Kerela that basically got originated at this place leather shoulder bags. If you are planning to visit this place then it is significant that you should visit Guruvayur is favourable season. Let’s find out best time to visit Guruvayur. Suitable Time to Visit Guruvayur: The winter season is considered as the perfect time to visit this place situated in Kerela. The climate in the month of December till January or February is considered as best time if you are planning to visit this small city of Kerela. Summer Season of Guruvayur: The summer season in this town is very hot and tourists mainly avoid this time to visit this place CO-Sensor products. The summer mainly starts from the month of March and remains till the month of June when the temperature lies in between 25°C to 40°C that makes it difficult for the tourist to explore the city printingwaiter. Monsoon Season of Guruvayur: In the month of monsoon that starts form the month of June and remains till the end of September Guruvayur gets very heavy rainfall. Hence, it is advisable that the tourist should avoid going to this place. Winter Season of Guruvayur: The winter season starts from the month of December in Guruvayur and remains till the month of February when the temperature lies in between 17°C to 30°C that is very much comfortable if you are planning to visit this place in winter season. It is also considered as one of the best time to explore the place and for the sightseeing. No matter in which season you are visiting this place with your family and friends, but there are few spots or tourist attractions in Guruvayur that one must visit on their trip to this city. Here are the popular spots of this town: -          Institute of the Mural Painting -          The ShreeKrishnaTemple of Guruvayur -          The ChamundeswariTemple -          The NavaMukundaTemple -          The HarikanyakaTemple -          The Elephant Camp All the above attractions or spots are easily reachable with the local transport of Guruvayur of Kerela.  This Article is being submitted on behalf of India`s Best travel site. Get More detail about Guruvayur  tourism, How To Reach Guruvayur , Guruvayur Hotels, Places to see in Guruvayur  rightonclick.  Order by www.pcyzprinting.com


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